New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops

3:00 pm on March 8, 2016

A lot of people do not like the idea of injecting themselves with the human chorionic gonadotropin or commonly known as the hCG hormone. They want to introduce the hCG hormone into their bodies, but not in this painful way.

Because of this, supplement manufacturers have created hCG diet drops as an alternative to putting the hCG hormone into your system. Since then, the hCG diet drops have become quite popular in the market.

One popular hCG diet drops product is the hCG Complex. Today, we are going to talk about a new and improved formula for the hCG Complex. This hCG diet drops formula is their 2016 formula which promises a more effective fat-burning prowess.

Their new and improved formula just expounds on their last formulation. One of the hallmarks of the New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops is that it still contains the original hCG hormone despite the homeopathic process of making this hCG diet drops.

Aside from the original hormone, the New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops also contains a plethora of other fat-burning agents such as:

  • Arginine (Protects muscle from degradation)
  • L-Carnitine (Fat-burning)
  • L-Leucine (promotes growth of the muscles)
  • Nat Phos Cell Salts (Balances the PH content in the body)
  • Panax Quinquefolium (Energy)
  • Fucus Vesiculosus (Burns more fat)
  • Ornithine (Protects Muscle Mass)
  • Vitamin B12 (Energy)
  • L-Glutamic Acid
  • Mag Phos Cell Salts

Since this is a new and improved version of their product, they just increased the dosage so that it will become more effective. As you can see, it comes with a wealthy list of other vitamins and minerals to truly help you lose weight.

The makers of the New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops says that the product should now help you with hunger pangs. You see, since the hCG diet is a highly calorie-restricted diet, hunger cravings are common. But, with the new formulation, you can expect to have fewer hunger pangs until you finish your hCG diet journey.

With the impressive list of ingredients, no wonder this new formulation helps you with hunger pangs.

So, how do you use the New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops? Well, it is practically very simple to use this hCG diet product. All you have to do is just place 10 drops under your tongue.

Now, this is a common procedure as anything that is put under your tongue are highly absorbed by the body. Just make sure that you do not drink water 30 minutes after taking this hCG diet drops product. Thirty minutes is usually a perfect amount of time in order for the hCG diet drops to be fully absorbed by the body.

A lot of people have ordered the New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops and they have reported amazing results. Some of them have lost a lot of weight as they have used this product and they too have reported that the product helps them with their cravings.

The New and Improved hCG Complex hCG Diet Drops is truly one of the best hCG diet products in the market.